Calling All Reformers!

A reformer is someone who is willing to make the effort – take action – to bring about change, to improve and to transform. The SERVE Initiative is for those who want to bring biblical change to society.

Throughout history we see times when brave men and women inspired by truth and filled with the Holy Spirit stepped up and brought change to society. Historical examples include the Early Church, the Celtic revivals started by St. Patrick, the Protestant Reformation and the Great Awakenings.

In each of these periods in history the church was not only revived but the church engaged society and culture in a way that brought transformation to the very fabric of society: the arts, government, business, science and education.

Each of these revival/reformations saw a general trend toward darkness and decline reversed. Each of these movements sent reverberations forward through history and increased human flourishing.

We are in need of this again! We want to uncap the wells of the most fruitful times in human history and recover some things we have lost, but this is not about looking backwards. We want to embrace all that the Lord is doing in this hour, look to the future and do something that will bless generations to come.

If this sounds like you let us know – Calling All Reformers!