Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry is an author, speaker, and teacher who works to bring city leaders together to equip and empower them to bringing healing and reform to society’s ills.

Joseph Perry is the President of Remnant Ministries where he was Senior Pastor for 11 years. At Remnant, Joseph equipped people through teaching, various kinds of workshops, community-building, personal coaching and counseling, helping individuals identify roadblocks that inhibited personal growth, communicated the vision and values around which the organization gathered, and organized conferences and events.

Joseph serves on the Board of the Hampton Roads Christian Business Coalition, helping business leaders learn how to be more effective in life and work, and on the Board of the Hampton Roads Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

Karla Perry

Karla Perry, author of Back To The Future: Rebuilding America’s Stability, is a worldview revitalizer. She examines the histories, origins, and patterns of thought in people and culture to promote healthy thinking.

She has worked as a paralegal in Virginia Beach, VA for nearly twenty years.

Karla has a Bachelor of Arts from Old Dominion University where she majored in English and minored in American History.

Jason Benedict

Jason Benedict is an Enterprise Development Consultant and Trainer with over 15 years of multi-sector experience.

Jason earned his MBA from Regent University in 2002, and since that time has served as a consultant, coach, trainer, board member or mentor to hundreds of businesses on several continents and across most industry sectors. Jason is the president of Touchstone Business Solutions an enterprise development consulting firm he founded in 2009. His firm focuses on helping business owners grow personally by acquiring the knowledge, skills and behaviors of world class enterprise builders and their businesses scale through building system and people.

He is also a Strategist with the Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship. A university think tank where he has been active starting business incubators around the world since 2008. These incubators have helped hundreds of businesses grow in developing economies. Jason is the author of several books a husband and father of five. He and his wife Kim serve as a team in their common mission to see institutions cities and nations transformed.

Dr. Joseph Umidi

Dr. Joseph Umidi has always been intrigued by the role of Ambassadors to a nation; how they are trained, how the best of them are able to create milestone memories at key moments in difficult conversations. When he discovered over 550 people whose lives were altered by one personal conversation with an Ambassador over his four-year tenure in the U.S., he knew he had found his life calling. In 1999 he started Lifeforming, a training organization to train leaders with Ambassador quality skills that has become an international movement of over 10,000 certified relational leaders in 31 countries and 14 languages. His 32 years of teaching at Master and Doctoral levels at Regent University, including roles as Dean and now as Executive Vice President, have given him opportunities to interact with present and emerging global Ambassadors. In 2017 he launched the Ambassador Alliance, a membership platform for helping hundreds of influential leaders maximize their Personal Leadership Effectiveness through unique coaching clusters and cutting-edge technology.

The release of the first MasterCoach APP in 2018 is becoming a major tool for Ambassador leaders to leverage their influence in‍‍‍ authentic and sustainable coaching supervision to millennials and others in the workplace. To support this global network, he has authored numerous articles and books dealing with personal, organizational, and community Transformation, and is working internationally with transformation strategies in the developing nations. He is married to Marie Umidi, Founder & President of TMCJ, Inc., an Arts organizations that has empowered hundreds of thousands through dramatic theatre and video broadcast presentations around the world. Their greatest joy is to model and teach these values of Honor to their married son and three grandchildren.