About Us

In June 2018 Joseph & Karla Perry, Jason & Kim Benedict, and Dr. Joseph Umidi hosted a dinner at the Cyprus Pointe Country Club in Virginia Beach, VA to gather leaders from across all spheres of culture who are interested in doing practical work in our region to transform our cities.


Our vision is for our cities and nations to flourish. From having stable economies to healthy, stable families; from reduced crime and violence to the utter elimination of racism; from helping our citizens out of addiction and homelessness to providing better education for everyone. We want to see the unemployment rate drop to zero while helping businesses thrive. We want to see the beauty of truth told through the arts, both high and low from film to books to painting to dance and music. Our world is a gift to us; a blessing. But we must bless it by the way we live and work and treat each other resulting in joy and peace and safety for all.

If we want healthier cities, we must work for it. To that end, we have started The S.E.R.V.E. Initiative.


The S.E.R.V.E. Initiative is a Christian reformation movement that exists for the welfare and human flourishing of cities and nations. We assemble research teams, develop think tanks, and mobilize futurist task forces to address societal problems on the city, national, and international levels in every sphere of society.

S.E.R.V.E. exists to:

  • Solve problems
  • Engage Communities
  • Reform Institutions
  • Voice Truth
  • Empower others


Through S.E.R.V.E. conferences, and events, and workshops we equip people with the tools, the training, and the thinking they need to become agents of change in their world.

Think Tanks

We develop think tanks called Tables drawn from those who work in the same sphere of culture to identify what flourishing in their sector looks like, and to discover the key impediments to achieving that.

Taking Action

Task Forces are assembled from leaders from various spheres whose mission is to solve specific societal problems around which they have gathered, and for which they are adequately qualified.